It is illegal to carry AED60k or more in public transport

2:19 AM reported today that according to Dubai Police, carrying cash or expensive items worth Dh60,000 and above in public transports is illegal.

According to the Emirates24/7 report:
Lt. Col. Mohammed Al Bastaki, Head of Transport Security Department at Dubai Police, said this is against the law because the person who does so puts himself at risk of being killed or robbed by criminals and thieves.
“We came across a case in which an Asian salesman of a jewellery shop in Dubai was carrying a bag of gold and diamonds worth millions of dirhams on his was to Dubai Metro. He was fined for breaking the law. Shops and individuals must assign specialised money transfer companies to carry these valuable items, and not carry them themselves in public transports,” he said.
In a separate case, another Asian man was carrying Dh165,000 in a bag, and when he was asked about the source of that money, he was unable to give a reasonable answer. He told police that he has Dh15 million at his house also and does not like dealing with banks. He was referred to Al Rashidiya Police Station for further investigation.”
Lt. Col. Al Bastaki said criminals or thieves might be monitoring these people and may rob them at the public transport. “By carrying these valuable items or cash, they put themselves and others in danger.”

Source: Emirates24/7

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