Things to Know About your Passport and Passport Renewal Procedures

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From the Philippine Consulate Dubai website, here are things you would want to know regarding your Philippine passport. Also below are the procedures on how to renew your passport at the Consulate.

Is my Passport Valid?

A passport is usually valid to be used for travels, applying for visas or any transaction if it is more than six months prior to expiration date.

Will I have fines for holding an expired passport?

None. However, the inconvenience and problems resulting to holding an expired passport is your responsibility.

How will I know that I hold an E-Passport?

Passports issued by Philippine Consulate Dubai from  2011 are already E-Passports. It is maroon in color and bears the E-Passport logo

When should I renew my passport at the Philippine Consulate Dubai?

According to the PCG Dubai website, it estimates that the next available appointment is about two months from appointment date.

The earlier an appointment, the better to avoid the inconvenience especially if there are processes that need the passport, such as travel, visa renewal, a new job, etc.

Where can I get an appointment?

One can take appointment in Dubai PCG website in this link:

Otherwise, one can go to the Consulate office during working days. The que will start 9 in the morning. On that day, you can not renew as you will be given an appointment date only. You then return to the Consulate office on the appointment date for the renewal.

I urgently need my passport but it is about to expire, and I dont have time to wait for renewal, what can I do?

Please take your appointment and be sure to renew your passport as scheduled.
Meanwhile, apply for a temporary passport extension. Comply with the requirements, including bringing proof of urgency. 

Who does not need a passport appointment?

Pregnant women, senior citizens, the disabled, infants and children five years (5 years old) and younger do not require an appointment. The spouse, parents, siblings of those exempted from the appointment system are not included in the exemption.

When will I receive the new passport?

It may take 6-8 weeks from renewal date for your passport to be available, but could take a shorter period. It is advised to start monitoring your passport starting two weeks from your renewal date.
You can monitor online the availability/ release date of your passport in this link:

What do I need to bring to the claim my new passport?

Please bring with you your old passport and receipt. If you lost the receipt, inform the Releasing area staff. If you are not personally claiming your passport, send an authorization letter, a copy of ID of the person claiming it in your behalf, along with your old passport and receipt.

How will I renew my Philippine passport at the Consulate?

Here are the procedures as per the Consulate's website:

1. Get an appointment.
       Visit PassportAppointment Portal
       Or, For those who does not have an email address you may visit the Consulate directly.
2. On date of appointment, fill out E-passport Application Form.
Philippine E-passport Application Form

3. Proceed to Passport Processing Area 
4. Proceed to Cashier
5. Proceed to Passport Encoding Area
6. Proceed to Releasing Section on date of release

Appointment, Personal appearance, Old passport, Photocopy of
  1. Passport Data page
  2. Passport Visa page
REQUIREMENTS FOR MINORS (18 years old and below)
  1. Appointment; NOTE: Appointment is not required for children ages 5 years old and below.
  2. E-passport Application Form. accomplished by the accompanying parent(s);
  3. Copy of child’s passport, Data and Visa page, (1 copy);
  4. Copy of accompanying parent(s) passport’s data page, (1 copy); 5. Personal appearance of child and parent(s).
  1. Parents do not need to get appointment for the passport application of their infants. E-Passport Application Form, accomplished by either parent (if out of wedlock, by mother);
  2. Report of Birth Form
  3. Report of Birth Form, (6 copies);
  4. Original English Birth Certificate duly authenticated by UAE Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (6 copies);
  5. Photocopies of the Passport of each parent, (6 copies, data page only);
  6. DFA authenticated NSO Marriage Certificate or NSO Report of Marriage, (6 copies)
  7. Personal appearance of Filipino parent(s) and infant/child;
  • If married in the Philippines, parties must present original DFA authenticated (red ribbon) NSO Marriage Certificate.
  • If married abroad, parties must present original DFA authenticated (red ribbon) NSO Report of Marriage. For those who have not filed a Report of Marriage please see requirements for Report of Marriage. 
  • For those married at the Philippine Consulate-Dubai, the Original Marriage Contract may be submitted. However, if the marriage occurred more than one year ago, applicant must present an NSO copy of the same.
Procedures same as Application of Passport. No need to secure appointment date.

  1. Police Report on Lost Passport (with English Translation) plus 2 photocopies;
  2. Duly accomplished Affidavit of Loss (downloadable forms) plus 2 photocopies;
  3. Three (3) photocopies of lost passport and NSO Birth Certificate authenticated by DFA
E-Passports= 600 AED
Affidavit of Loss = 100 AED


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