Expats cannot pass through E44 going to Hatta

4:48 AM

Are you an expat who travels to Hatta passing through Lahbab/ Al Madam Road borders (that road from Dragon Mart) on E44?

It seems you have to reroute this time as Gulfnews reported that:

"Guides can also confirm that non-GCC nationals (expatriates) are no longer allowed to take the direct E44 route between Al Madam and Hatta, which enters Omani territory. Expats will now need to take the Sharjah-Kalba road to Hatta in order to avoid being turned back at Al Madam checkpoint after which checkposts are manned by the Omani authorities.

Expat Route to Hatta 
Turn left at the Al Madam roundabout and get onto the E55 heading to Al Malaiha. Turn into the Sharjah/Kalba road (signpost – Shawka). Turn right towards Hatta onto the E44 after around 25-30 kilometres, thereby avoiding Omani territory and moving on to the Al Wajajah border post.
Time difference 
The change results in 30 minutes of extra driving which is better when compared to 45 minutes to 2 hours of extra driving when you reach the border and you're asked to turn back and loop around.
Avoid Al Madheef checkpoint (Al Ain/Buraimi border) as well as Al Hili border as these are only open to GCC nationals, while the Dibba police post requires expats to have a hotel booking for the Golden Tulip hotel or the Six Senses Zighy Bay or a dhow cruise booking to pass through.
Residents and visitors are always crossing into Oman for tourism purposes as well as visa runs. Weekends and public holidays see a rush of people travelling to and fro through the various borders that UAE shares with Oman." 

It has also been reported that the exit fees for land border crossings into Oman has been standardised to Dh35 per person exiting Emirati territory through the Hatta border post.

Source: http://gulfnews.com/guides/tourists/expats-not-allowed-on-oman-e44-1.1648517

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